The beauty team here is currently on vacation in beautiful Copenhagen and while we’re here we’ve been doing our research! All these gorgeous women with their gorgeous complexions has us inspired – just what are the top Scandinavian beauty products? And how can we get those glowing, ethereal complexions for ourselves? Here are the Nordic skincare items we’ve been sampling while soaking in the crisp Norse air.

Sprekenhus Facial Cleanser

Started by former male model Alexander Sprekenhus, this plant-based skincare line is all organic and luxuriously minimal. We’re loving the facial cleanser with its milky consistency and green tea undertones. Only a small amount goes a long way…ideal for removing make-up and making skin feel silky and fresh.

Estelle & Thild Age Control Serum

While we’d love to live in denial, the facts are that as we age so does our precious skin. Thank goodness for Swedish line Estelle & …